Sealants are a thin layer of clear coating placed in the grooves and fissures of molars, premolars, and even on the lingual surfaces of front teeth that are prone to get food trapped or plaque buildup that causes them to degrade. As a result of applying sealants, we can prevent decay and save you from considerable other treatments. Sealant is recommended during the period of time after the teeth in need of sealants have erupted from the gum. This is a great option for children as they learn to properly brush and care for their teeth.

Will sealants prevent all tooth decay?

In general, sealants are exceptionally successful in preventing tooth decay in children, but they are not a substitute for other forms of preventive oral health care. Children should brush and floss, as well as use fluoridated toothpaste as part of their daily oral hygiene routine at home. Regular dental exams and a balanced diet that is low in sugar are also fundamental for keeping good, long-standing oral health.

What kind of procedure will be performed when my child gets sealants?

No drilling! The procedure to place sealants is very simple. We use a special gel to clean the surfaces of the teeth before we place the sealant material. The sealant material hardens with a special light, and the hardened layer works as a barrier to bacteria, which causes decay.

Is there any special care after sealants are placed?

No special or extra care is needed after dental sealants are placed. Normal eating habits and the function of the teeth should be checked at every dental appointment for wear and tear. Sealants that are damaged or missing can be replaced when needed.